CSL Australia

Sydney, Australia. March 2017 – Present


• The overall command of the ship
• Maintenance of the ship’s and crew certification required for trading
• Communication with the Owners, the Company, the Charterers and any other party as required
• Maintenance of the ship and her equipment
• Acting as Ship Security Officer along with the associated duties contained in the Ships Security Plan
• Ensuring that all crew receive familiarization training on embarking the vessel
• Crew performance appraisal, training, welfare, discipline and other administrative matters
• Ensuring that Emergency Organisation & Emergency Party Responsibilities are known by each crew member including any training that may be required aboard vessel
• Safe navigation of the vessel and for ensuring that all navigational watchkeepers are fully familiar with these procedures
• Organizing and conducting Health & Safety committee meetings
• Ensuring adequate stability trim and stress at all times

CSL Australia

Sydney, Australia. November 2011 – March 2017 


  • Acting as the Deck department team leader in an emergency/crisis response situation
  • Maintaining the upkeep of the hull, deck fixtures, fittings, and crew accommodation areas
  • Maintaining discipline within the deck department
  • Administering and controlling of deck stores and equipment including inventory and expenditure control and requisitioning
  • Monitoring all situations which may result in environmental pollution incidents and to take appropriate preventative measures
  • Keeping a safe navigational watch as instructed by the Master
  • Acting as the ship’s Safety Officer including the promotion of safe working practices and the conducting of regular safety inspections
  • Recording incidents and dangerous occurrences
  • Monitoring of the vessel’s stress and stability throughout the Cargo and Ballast Operations
    and during the voyage to ensure that they remain within the required limits

Inco Ships

Sydney, Australia. September 2008 – November 2011


  • Acting as the vessel’s Navigation Officer, monitoring the condition of all navigation equipment, correcting/updating all charts and associated navigational publications, and preparing passage plans for approval by the Master. Reporting to the Master any deficiencies which may affect the safe navigation of the vessel
  • Keeping a safe navigational watch as instructed by the Master
  • Ensuring that the Passage Plan is prepared and executed as per the Navigation Procedures of the Company and per the Master’s Standing Orders and specific instructions
  • Keeping a cargo/port watch as instructed by the Chief Officer
  • Taking charge of a mooring party
  • Providing medical first aid under the supervision of the Master or the designated medical officer if suitably qualified
  • Maintenance and inventory of the ship’s medical store
  • Acting as the Health Promotion Officer aboard vessel on behalf of the Master

Maersk Line

Third Officer

April 2007 – July 2008

  • To navigate the vessel when on bridge watch in compliance with Masters Standing Orders.
  • To assist with the stability, trim and seaworthiness of the vessel under the direction of the Chief
    Officer and as prescribed by the Company and relevant international rules and regulations.
  • To monitor loading and discharge of cargo and its treatment during the voyage, and ensure it is effected in accordance with applicable rules, instructions, and contracts.
  • To instruct and supervise on the vessel in the use of safety, environmental protection, fire-fighting and life-saving equipment.
  • To take such measures to protect all persons, the environment, the vessel, equipment and cargo as deemed necessary by the observance of good seamanship and the circumstances of the case.